Welcome to our site.                                                                                                   A brief history of how Pervolia Charity Week began and by whom.

It is the intention of this website to give the visitor information about our village and the Charity week held annually here in Pervolia, also to pay tribute to the  people whose efforts make this community a special place.     Roy.

Some 18 years ago 4 friends who had holiday homes in the village decided to organise a fundraising week, not only to raise money for a charity but to involve the expats in a week of fun at the same time, with this in mind Pervolia Charity Week was created.

Brian and Pam Robinson along with Mick and Brenda Hill,  spent countless hours over the course of every year organising events, collecting raffle prizes and gifts etc etc.  Sadly during 2006/7 we lost three of the founders, Brian Robinson, Mick Hill and Brenda Hill, they were lovely people who are greatly missed.       I don't know how Pam found the courage and strength to carry on but despite everything that had gone on during the year Pam with the help of her daughter Dawn, managed to organise all the events of the 2006/7 charity week, a truly marvellous feat.

 At the end of the 2006/7 Charity Week Pam decided to step down from organising the Charity Week and take a well deserved rest, handing over the day to day running and organisation of events etc to myself and my wife Lesley.  We will try our best to carry the spirit of the event on for many years to come.


                                When does the Charity Week start?

   Charity Week traditionally starts the last Sunday in September.


                   Our village and surrounding area. 


Pervolia is located approximately 13 km outside of Larnaca town, it is a small village that has a multi cultural community, yet still retains the typical village atmosphere associated with Cyprus.  Pervolia has gone through many changes over the last few years, a host of restaurants and tavernas within the village offer a truly International fayre including, authentic Chinese,  Italian, English and naturally Cypriot cuisine. The village really comes to life at festival time, when the square is turned into a theatre with a stage and seating that is sufficient to accomodate everyone. 

Pervolia and it's surrounding areas benefit from miles of sandy beaches which are off the tourist trail leaving them quiet and unspoiled, so why not check the area out and without to much searching I am sure you will be able to find your own private beach.   



                     Weekly venues and activities.



Tuesday                 Quiz and Bingo at Koko's Tavern located in the village centre.

Wednesday            Karaoke night at Pyrgos Restaurant.

Thursday               Bingo Night at Kypros Fish Restaurant 8.00 pm start, located on the lefthand side, on the road to the Lighthouse.

Friday                    Karaoke night at the Cottage Pub.

Saturday                 Bazouki Night at Koko's Taverna.

Sunday                   Quiz night at the Cottage Pub.

For those of you who are intested in playing pub games as a regular weekly activity, come along  to the Cottage Pub and join their darts and pool teams, don't be shy girls they have a ladies team there just for you. 


                               Welcome to 2010.  


Hello and welcome to 2010 here in Pervolia, it has been a rather quite winter here with a large amount of expats from the village going back to the UK for a time over Christmas, I don't know whether it is me but they seemed to go earlier and return later but most are back now.

There have been quite a few changes in the central shops area of the village, the Pervolianna Restaurant has sadly closed its doors, Chris and Urania served their last customers in November and have decided to offer their premises for rent.

Dimitri the Optician has moved his business to one of the new units opposite Koko's Taverna, Leontios the Insurance agent has moved from opposite Koko's to the shop next door to the Co-op Bank, Sadie's Hair Styles next door to him and the dress shop next to her have moved around the corner next to Jim and Martha's shop, which has changed hands and is now a supermarket / convenience store. The block of shops that was the Insurance Office has been bought this is being refurbished and is rumoured it will be turned into a Cafe snack bar with a small gardened area at the rear. The new cafebar Dipato, as mentioned last news update has still not opened although there have been people carrying out work there over the last couple of weeks and finally the old opticians shop is said to have been leased by Panicos ( "Wooly Hat" ) and is being turned into wait for it.... "A Snack bar/ cafe" what a good idea, someone should have thought of this earlier..........

The weather here has been very wet and cold the last month or so. According to the official reports we are well up on the seasonal rainfall figures, however the water storage facilities around the Island are only at about 50% of their capacity, so we still need to conserve water even though the Government have declared the drought officially over and lifted the water restrictions across the Island.

January 2010 saw the introduction of "No Smoking" in public areas including inside the bars and tavernas with smoking only being allowed in designated outside areas. I don't know what the other resaurants in the village will do when they reopen but Koko's has covered the front, side and rear of the open patio area with canvas covers with clear inserts in them, like the ones used by the restaurants on the front at Finikoudes and provided 2 large gas fired patio heaters to keep the smokers warm, whilst the non smokers suffer from hypothermia inside the restaurant. What will happen as the weather heats up as it starting to do now,as I see it non smokers will have 2 choices firstly to sit inside the restaurant and cook in the heat or secondly to sit in the covered patio arears outside and inhail concentrated cigarette smoke. This is clearly a step forward in the anti smoking campaign.......NOT!!!!!!!

The House of Tan Li restaurant in Pervolia is closed at the moment and will reopen in at the begining of April. A reliable source told me that Tan Li has returned to China for a long awaited and much deserved holiday to see her family and in particular her son and that Colin has gone to the UK to see his family and their new grand daughter before flying out to join Tan Li in China. Congratulations to you both on the birth of you latest grand daughter and have a very nice holiday.  

New bar to open summer 2010.

A new gallery bar is set to open this year, the new venue is situated on the left hand side just before you enter the pedestrianed area, opposite Sadie's Hair salon.

I am informed that this gallery-bar will be called "DIPATO" which in Greek means "Two Floors".

The new venue will feature a large open air bar lounge area, a gallery upstairs that will stage exibitions of local artists work. At 23.00 the entertainment will transfer to the 2 floors inside where there will be a nightclub atmosphere that will serve drinks until 04.00 am Thurday until Sunday.

I will let you know more details as I find them out




Feature in "The Cyprus Weekly".

Just to let everyone know that the Cyprus Weekly are doing a feature on the Pervolia Charity Week and fundraising which is due to go to press on Friday 12.06.09. just reecived notification that the article will be in issue Friday 19/06/09.

Wow what an amazing 1/2 page feature relating to the Charity week and your fundraising efforts, given a bit of time and the correct permissions of copyright, I will post on our web site.